Somebody Loves You - December 20


SUNDAY 20 December, 2015

Faithful to His Promises

“He shall build a house for My name, and I will establish the throne of his kingdom forever. I will be his Father, and he shall be My son. If he commits iniquity, I will chasten him with the rod of men and with the blows of the sons of men.” - 2 Samuel 7:13-14

God promised to establish David’s house after he died. Someone from the house of David would be on the throne of Israel forever, from generation to generation. It is incredible! While David wanted to build God a cedar house, God was going to build him a legacy of an eternal house.

Notice, God would not remove him from the throne if he committed iniquity. God would chasten him, using any means to get him to repent and turn back to the Lord. He would not cut him off, like he did with Saul and his house.

This was a huge promise—a tremendous blessing to David and his house. Remember, David was only the second earthly king in Israel. He had no reason to believe God would not remove his descendants from the throne if they sinned, just as He did with Saul. God was reinforcing His promise to David.

I think we really have to look at the faithfulness of the Lord and how he stands by His promises. He does not make a promise to us and then change His mind. If we miss out on a blessing from the Lord, it is because we have walked away from Him—we have detoured off the path He has for us. If we want to be blessed by the Lord and experience His great promises, we have to hold onto them and not walk away from them.

It is because God has promised certain things that we can ask for them with the full assurance of faith.
~A.W. Pink~

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