Powerpoint - July 25, 2016

The Real Enemy of Spiritual Growth

July 25

Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children.

>Ephesians 5:1

I heard a story about two brothers who were notorious sinners. They were drunkards, thieves, womanizers, and often got into fights at the local bars. Well, one day one of the brothers died. And the other went to the preacher and said, “I’ll give you a thousand dollars if at the funeral you’ll say my brother was a saint.”

The preacher agreed and the day of the funeral came. So he stood before the few who gathered and declared, “This man we’re burying today was a liar, a thief, a drunkard, an adulterer, and a blasphemer. But compared to his brother, he was a saint!”

It’s sometimes tempting to compare ourselves with others – especially when we fall short. If you’re a ‘C’ student, you can say, “Well, at least I’m not one of those ‘D’ students.” If you gossip about or slander others, you can say, “At least I never killed anyone!”

Comparison often leads us into a false sense of spiritual maturity. When we compare ourselves with those who are less “moral” than we are, it may make us feel good. But it’s a low bar for us to reach and never really challenges us to grow.

To grow in our holiness, we must look to God’s holiness first, which is revealed in the character of Christ. Strive to imitate God, not others, and you’ll grow in your spiritual maturity!


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