Powerpoint - July 21, 2016

Is Change Really a Problem?

July 21

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

>Hebrews 13:8

One thing I’ve noticed over the past 40 years is just how much life is changing. Here’s what I mean: On the highway, the speed limit used to be a standard 55 miles per hour. Today, you’ll find places with limits of 80 miles per hour or more.

Not only that, but look at the number of options we have today. When I was growing up, we had two channels we could watch on television. Today, we can turn to hundreds of channels without finding a single thing worth watching!

Our society has developed a habit of pushing the limits. Now, in some ways, that’s beneficial. But in many other ways, it’s become a detriment. It seems like every month now we hear about this or that person who pushed the envelope a little too far. Then there’s a backlash from some, and the whole incident is forgotten until someone tries to go further next time.

Change itself isn’t bad. But all change can really be placed in two categories: progress or decay. Change is either for the better or for the worse. So in our ever-changing society, strive for and support the changes that are beneficial. Make things better by being a cultural catalyst for the things of our never-changing God!


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