Preparing for Old Age While Growing Up - In His Grip - Week of February 29, 2016


Preparing for Old Age While Growing Up
By Sharon W. Betters

I Want to Go Home!

My little old lady friend wanted to go Home, desperately.  I was so young, it was hard for me to understand her longing. She asked her Lord every day if this could be the day.  For reasons she didn't understand, He said not yet.  And so, without knowing I was her student, she taught me how to grow up as she continued to live her life, singing in the choir, attending church activities, encouraging the new young pastor, praying for her church and pastor, walking to the store every day, welcoming naive young women like me into her life. She eagerly anticipated that moment when Jesus would come to walk her Home.  Like Paul, she was lonely (....everyone deserted me....2 Timothy 4:16b). She was lonely for her family and lifelong friends.  But like Paul, she was not afraid of death and she was not alone.  So what if a young man tried to rob her?  She reacted, trusting the outcome to her Lord.

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In His grip,

Sharon W. Betters
Executive Director
MARKINC Ministries

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