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Accountability Out of Affinity

“Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses.” Proverbs 27:6

“Fifty Shades of They” is all about helping us get the most out of the relationships in our lives. It’s about giving us the tools to discover the right people who help take us to the right places and accomplish the right things, the things God has in store for our lives. As everyone knows, life is full of choices. There are opportunities every day for us to make the right choices…and the wrong ones.

The right THEY keep us accountable for the choices we make. Ask yourself, as you continue contemplating your relationships, “Do THEY hold me accountable out of love and friendship?” The right THEY will point out when you make the wrong decisions, and will not be shy about helping you correct your path and get back on the right track. But they do it out of love and respect for you. Do you have those people in your life who can hold you accountable?

Thank God for His accountability in your life. Pray for Him to surround you with people in life that will help keep you on His path and direction for your life.

Think about the last time you made a decision you should not have made. Who in your life was there to point out (in an act of love) where you messed up. Did you take time to thank them? Let them know you appreciate the role they play in your life.

FIFTY SHADES OF THEY From New York Times Best-Selling Author Ed Young

Fifty Shades of They gives you fifty simple, yet profound insights that will help any relationship thrive, from friendships to business partnerships to marriages. Based on biblical standards and the teaching of Ed Young, this book is written for anyone who is looking to give new life to their relationships.

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