New Life Daily Devotion - December 14, 2011



Don’t you find telemarketers annoying? I felt bad telling them that they should stop calling because their calls made me break out in hives (I really did!). So, I changed tactics. I just tell them, “I’m satisfied.” That’s right. Tell them you’re very happy with what you have and aren’t interested in whatever they’re selling.

It’s the one response they’re not prepared to hear. Because the basic assumption they work from is that you’re unsatisfied and discontent with where you’re at in life. That’s a fundamental assumption that’s easily made in our materialistic, consumer-driven society. And it’s a pretty safe assumption, since restless discontentment seems to be the standard.

Benjamin Franklin once said discontentment makes rich men poor, while contentment makes poor men rich. The apostle Paul said this disposition of heart doesn’t come naturally. It’s something we must learn, and it’s never too late to start.

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