Daily Journey - January 3


January 3 

Genesis 6:9-22Matthew 3

Thought from Today's Old Testament Passage: 

9. Noah was a righteous man and per­fect… and Noah walked with God.

With these words the author describes three characteristics of a godly life—justice, purity, and holiness (cf. 6:8—he found grace in the eyes of the Lord).

The word righteous, from Hebrew saddiq, describes Noah's character as it manifested itself in relation to other human beings. "Straightness" or "rightness" was evident in his behavior. All his conduct revealed this moral and ethical righteousness (cf. Ezk.4:14,20). Hebrew tamin, perfect, describes the per­fected product of a wise builder; it is full, complete, and flawless. Viewed objectively, the Lord blameless describes character. In the realm of ethics, the idea of "integrity" comes out as the derived meaning (cf. Job 1:1). The state­ment, he walked with God, opens another thought. In walking with God, Noah displayed a spirit, an attitude, and a character that made him accepted and approved for the most intimate spir­itual relationship. He manifested qualities of soul that endeared him to the Lord (cf. Gen. 5:22; Mic. 6:8; Mal 2:6). (Wycliffe Bible Commentary, (Chicago, IL: Moody Press, 1962), pp. 12-13)


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