Alternative View - May 4, 2016

How to Save a Nation in Trouble

In His Presence: 1 Chronicles 7:11-22

“[If] My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land”(2 Chronicles 7:14).

King Solomon reigned over Israel. In 2 Chronicles 6, Solomon had just finished building God’s temple and had offered up a prayer of dedication. In this prayer, Solomon was basically saying that he wanted to lead this people as God wanted him to lead. After the prayer, God’s glory came down to the temple and filled it. The people offered sacrifices and held a feast. Later that night, the Lord appeared to Solomon and told him that if the people ever rejected His ways and turned away from Him, the prayers of His people would be heeded.

God will deal with a nation that turns its back on Him. If a culture wants to be free of God, He will let it have that freedom. But freedom from God brings dire consequences. Pagans do not normally turn to God when things get rough. But this Scripture isn’t addressing pagans; it is addressing “My people who are called by My name” (v. 14). The people who are supposed to pray for their nation are God’s covenant people. In the Old Testament, His covenant people were the Jews. In the New Testament, the covenant people are the church—the body of true believers who have accepted Jesus Christ as our Sin-bearer and Redeemer.

One Minute Please

God will pay attention to our prayers when we come to Him humbly, seek His face, and turn from our ungodly behavior.

Source: Are Christians Destroying America? Pp. 124-132.

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The Power of the Cross: Putting it to Work in Your Life

Rather than viewing the cross as an historical event that will take us to heaven, we ought to view it as a current event containing everything we need to bring heaven to bear on earth.

In The Power of the Cross, Tony Evans carefully and pastorally applies the cross of Christ to life today. In three parts, he considers:

What makes Christ unique; how Old Testament prophecy and typology looked ahead to Him; and how His humiliation, death and resurrection sets Him apart as Lord

What was accomplished on the cross for us, how it is to be the centerpiece of our lives, and how it's a source of authority for us

What is the power of the cross and the stability it provides, deliverance it offers, the power of its ongoing remembrance, and more

The cross is the hinge of history. How much more, then, is it the hinge of your life? It gained more for you than you may realize; do not make the grave error of overlooking it. As a thank you for your gift of any amount, we’ll get this brand new book, The Power of the Cross, out to you right away.

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