Activate - November 29


Read: Psalm 31

Key Verse: “Free me from the trap that is set for me, for you are my refuge.” - Psalm 31:4

God can set you free from any trap! Here are some common traps: 1) Someone twists your words: maintain your integrity. 2) You enter into a situation that does not have your name on it: back up so you have some distance. 3) A person invites you to participate in something that you know is wrong: hold a firm no.

What traps are you aware of in your life? Do you have any addictions? Taking any shortcuts that are immoral? Loving money? Trying to get revenge? Ignoring your responsibilities? The devil wants to put traps in your life, but Jesus came to provide freedom and life. Ask God for the ability to see and overcome traps with His help.

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