Activate - November 27


Read: Psalm 29

Key Verse: “The voice of the Lord is powerful; the voice of the Lord is majestic.” - Psalm 29:4

How many voices are competing for your attention every day? You can listen to your own voice, the person who is talking to you, the radio, the computer, the telephone, the advertisements, the movie, the people sitting next to you, the television, or many other options. Do you realize how you are bombarded with noise?

There is one voice that is majestic, true, gracious, powerful, and trustworthy. Listen closer to God’s voice by eliminating distractions. Value His voice more than any other voice. Follow His voice with all of your heart. Tremble before His voice with full respect. Savor His voice and His personal guidance. Praise God for His voice which He used to create all we have. There is no voice like His voice.

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