Activate - November 20, 2015



Read: 1 Timothy 5

Key Verse: “The sins of some men are obvious, reaching the place of judgment before them; the sins of others trail behind them.” - 1 Timothy 5:24

There are two types of sins: the obvious ones and the hidden ones. Secret sins are just as destructive, and sometimes more problematic than visible bad decisions. Nothing is ‘hidden’ from God, so ‘hidden’ is just an illusion. The consequences of hidden sins do not stay private. Are you motivated to be pure when no one is watching?

Here are common secret sins: 1) Lust 2) Jealousy 3) Pride 4) Bitterness 5) Alcoholism 6) Ingratitude 7) Unbelief. Is it time to clean out your closet? Take what is hidden in the dark and bring it into the light. Cockroaches run to the darkness, but you are a child of the light! When you are tempted, quote Scripture! That is what Jesus did three times (Matthew chapter 4). God is faithful to always give you a way out of all secret sins: Take the exit!

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