Activate - November 14, 2014


Read: Haggai 1

Key Verse: “Is it a time for you yourselves to be living in your paneled houses, while this house remains a ruin?” - Haggai 1:4

The prophet Haggai brought a message to the people: build up the house of the Lord! Some people avoid the importance of God’s house because they are distracted by and invested in their own house first. Some people have just neglected offering any help, assuming other people will take care of it. Some people use the excuse that since our bodies are God’s temple, it is fine if the church does not look very inviting. God wanted His people to honor Him and taking care of His house was a tangible project.

1)    When was the last time you were involved in improving your church building?
2)    Why is a church building important?
3)    What are some current needs and projects that you could participate in when it comes to your church campus?
4)    It is true people are more important than buildings, but how do people use this as an excuse to neglect the church building?
5)    Are you putting your own house or selfish motives above serving the Lord?

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