Activate - February 28

MANY IDOLS          

Read: Psalm 96

Key Verse: “For all the gods of the nations are idols, but the Lord made the heavens.” - Psalm 96:5

An idol is anything that tries to take God’s place in your life. What do you think are the most popular false gods in your community? In your country? Alcohol and drugs, personal appearance and image, technology, sex, and money? What do you think are the idols that creep into a church? Looking spiritual on the outside, positions and titles, opinions and preferences, traditions, and secret sins and habits?

God makes it very clear in His word that there is no other God, only the God of the Bible is the real God. That is not politically correct. Is that truth difficult for you to embrace? God also makes it clear that His followers need to get rid of all of their idols. What would happen if a church or a community began to walk away from the substitutes we try to make for the living God? Is there an idol you need to stop following? Choose God who made you, the heavens, and the earth.

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