Activate - April 24


Read: Psalm 135

Key Verse: “The Lord does whatever pleases Him, in the heavens and on the earth, in the seas and all their depths.” Psalm 135:6

When Egypt tried to demolish God’s people and walk in arrogance, God sent plagues. It is important to note that God is not the cause of every tragedy; there are dark forces at work in this world. The Lord displayed His unrivaled power through signs and wonders to Pharaoh. God provided land for His people and rescued them from slavery. The world’s most intimidating army at the time was swallowed up in the Red Sea which God parted temporarily for the Israelites.

Who can stop the Lord? Every nation has idols, either physical false gods or blessings that people try to substitute for God. God will not share His glory with anyone or anything. Would you want to worship a God who is ever overmatched or outsmarted? There is no realm of existence or challenge that is too difficult for God. The reality of this psalm drives you to relinquish your pride and align with the Lord Almighty. Will you stop trying to resist Him and what He wants to accomplish in your life?

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