Activate - April 19, 2015



Read: Psalm 81

Key Verse: “But you would be fed with the finest of wheat; with honey from the rock I would satisfy you.” - Psalm 81:16

Singing for joy, shouting aloud to the Lord in praise, beginning the music, and starting to celebrate are all part of what God brings into your life. God rescues, removes burdens, and provides for our needs.  There was one reason, however, that His people did not receive all of His blessings: They stopped listening to God.

Can you tell the difference in your life when you do or don’t listen to God? How do you stop in the middle of the busyness and hear Him? Listening to God has two aspects in the Bible: 1) Hearing His Word 2) Being willing to do what you hear. Many people hear His Word, but stick to their own will when it comes to decisions. What is God asking you to do that you have not been willing to accomplish? The finest wheat and honey can be yours if you fully listen.

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