Activate - April 17


Read: Psalm 130

Key Verse: “If You, O Lord, kept a record of sins, O Lord, who could stand?” - Psalm 130:3

This psalm is part of the song of ascents as the people approached God’s temple in Jerusalem to meet with Him there. Singing on the way to Mount Zion, the people expressed their gratitude to God for His mercy. Every person has rebelled against God, and no one is righteous before Him. Because of Jesus and His great sacrifice for our sins, we can come to God completely forgiven by His grace.

Do you spend much time in confession? What areas of your life are changing so that you can walk closer with God? Do you forgive other people in the same way that God forgives you? If God did not forgive us, we would live in constant fear and ultimate eternal separation from Him. Take time today to think about the importance of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Let His passion grow inside of you to spread and speak of His great mercy.

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