Abiding Above - November 16, 2015


Leaving Your First Love-Part 1

November 16, 2015


There is a trap in the Christian life. This trap is designed by Satan to divide our love and loyalty to Jesus Christ. This trap can be described as doing many good things for the Lord, but doing them for the wrong reasons. We have to be careful. We have to ask ourselves what our real motivation is. Are we seeking God’s acceptance and approval or are we serving God simply because we love Him?

This is a subtle trap that many Christian fall into. In the middle of their service to God they find themselves frustrated and they have no joy in their fellowship with God. They have lost their sense of intimacy and personal fellowship with God. They have lost their first love.

Have you ever seen this happen in a church and the attendance goes down and there is no longer any spiritual life in the church any more? This happens to a lot of churches, not only in America, it happens all over the world. There is only one conclusion for why this happens and it is because we have lost our first love. My friend, beware of busyness in the Christian life.

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