Abiding Above - June 30, 2016

Prayer Is Essential

June 30, 2016


We need to be people who see prayer as essential. Prayer keeps us from losing our testimony with others.  If there was ever a day that we need prayer it is in these days in which we are living. There are so many things coming at all of us that are not from God, they look like they are okay, but they are not. Compromise has become so easy in these days. We need to be praying because Jesus is coming soon.

Listen, in my life God is first, my family is second, and my nation is third. Things are not always going to stay the way they are now. The word of God tells us that there is going to be a great change, and I believe we are experiencing this great change now. Everybody knows that there is a chapter turning in world history, everything is changing right before our very eyes. Don’t lose heart. Be praying. God has told us in His Word that these things are coming. We must pray and intercede for one another in these days that we are in so that we will not lose heart and we will not lose our testimony.

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