A Word With You - Dec. 20, 2012


How to Handle Frustrating People

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There's a mountain in northern New Jersey that has the most intriguing view in the area I think. It's called Garrett Mountain; it's right over the city of Patterson, New Jersey. Patterson happened to be at least when we lived near there, the fourth poorest, middle-sized city in America. Now, if you just drove around Patterson—that's all you saw—you would think that that whole area of north Jersey is poor. But just beyond Patterson on the horizon, you can see Bergen County, New Jersey—some of the bedroom communities of New York City—some of the wealthiest communities in America.

Now, if you just drove around some of those towns, you'd think this whole area is rich. If all you saw was Patterson, you'd say, "Boy, there's no countryside around here, is there?" If all you saw was Bergen County, you'd say, "There's no city here, is there?" See, I like Garrett Mountain, because it gives me a bigger view than I can get when I'm right in the middle of things. Oh, you might need a mountain like that right now.

When people's actions displease you, frustrate you and hurt you, would you go to the Lord first? You know what He'll do? He'll take you up on a mountain where you can see the whole picture, and He'll help you respond in a balanced way. When people frustrate you, well, go over their head. Go straight to the Throne Room of the King.

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