A Daily Word - Jan. 8


Let me ask you something about your mindset: Are you a feeler or a springer? When you get up in the morning, are you a feeler or a springer? I'm a feeler. I don't just jump out of bed and go from zero to sixty in nothing flat. I need to lie still for a little bit and wake up gradually. But Jo Beth is a springer. She wakes up and does not linger. She's up and out before I can get one eye open. Generally, springers go to sleep quickly…like between "good" and "night." That's it. They're down and out in a matter of seconds! But we feelers ease into sleep the same way we ease into waking. Regardless of whether we are feelers or springers, the time to set our minds is when we first wake. At that moment we must turn our thoughts toward God.

If we ignore this opportunity to set our minds on the things of God, we give the devil a foothold, and soon—without our even knowing it—we have set our minds on the flesh. And the mind set on the flesh, Paul tells us, is death. But if we turn our minds and hearts God-ward, and set our thoughts on Him, what a difference it will make in the way we live. Which sounds better to you? A mind set on death, or a mind set on life and peace?


For the mind set on the flesh is death; but the mind set on the spirit is life and peace…


Exodus 27Romans 10

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