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The Prophetic Exactness of Christ's Death?

John Barnett

We should remind ourselves of just how unique, and how powerful is our God. Why? For just one reason today—the prophetic accuracy that God demonstrates though dozens of pinpoint accurate promises He sent in His Word centuries before the events occurred!

Take for instance, the Prophetic Exactness of Christ's Death. There were thirty-three prophecies fulfilled on the single day when the Lord Jesus died.

Always remember that one of the strong evidences of divine inspiration of the Bible (not found in other religious books of either past or present) consists of its hundreds of fulfilled prophecies. These are not vague or ambiguous (as in various occult writings) but are specific and detailed, often made hundreds or thousands of years in advance of the event. Many are being fulfilled today, thereby indicating the probable soon return of the Lord Jesus Christ....

There is nothing in all human history, however, comparable to the prophecies associated with the events surrounding the substitutionary death of Christ. These were not vague and hidden, like those of fortune-tellers, nor were they given only a short time before they were fulfilled, as are those of modern occultists.

There are scores, perhaps hundreds, of such prophecies in the Old Testament that focus on the death of the coming Messiah, and many of them are very detailed and specific. All were recorded hundreds of years, some over a thousand years, before they were fulfilled. To help strengthen our confident faith in God and His Word we have this book.

Taken from "God Always Keeps His Word" by Discover the Book Ministries (used by permission).

Originally published August 23, 2010.