The Plan of Salvation in the Tabernacle?

John Barnett

First join me in a quick overview of how God laid out the plan of salvation so clearly in the detailed plans for the Tabernacle. The Tabernacle portrays a seven-step plan of salvation:

  1. A sinner is outside the Tabernacle, kept away by a 7 ½ foot high white fence, set of posts held up by 60 solid brass sockets. There is only one way or gate into the enclosure, which opened directly in front of the Brazen Altar. That altar is the Cross of Jesus, which is where our spiritual life begins at salvation.
  2. The next step after salvation is the regular cleansing at the Brazen Laver.
  3. After being cleansed the next door leads to the Holy Place [about the size of a large living room (30 x 15)] where we find the Golden Table of Bread as we fellowship with Jesus through His Word.
  4. Then guided by the light of the Golden Lamp stand we are able to walk confidently as 1 John 1:7 says.
  5. Then and only then can we understand the power of prayer as portrayed by the Golden Altar of incense.
  6. Through prayer we enter the Holy of Holies of God's very presence.
  7. In that Holiest Place we find the peace and security of the Ark of the Covenant, the blood sprinkled mercy seat and the glow of the Shekinah of God's presence.

Taken from "The Old Testament Speaks of Jesus" by Discover the Book Ministries (used by permission).

Originally published August 23, 2010.

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