Are You Living a Divided Life?

Jack Graham

I see so many Christians today who divide up their lives into tightly packed little compartments: the sacred and the secular. The sacred is what they do on Sunday, and the secular is up for grabs. It’s just whatever happens! So they have their sacred life at church, and they do their business with the world the rest of the time.

But the real Christian life—the Jesus life—is to do all things in word and in deed to the glory of God. There’s no difference between what you are on Sunday and what you are every other minute of the week!

That’s why this commandment in [Matthew 22:37] is just so important. It’s Jesus’ reminder to you and me that when we truly love God, it will be with every fiber of our being. It’s not that we just give Him one day a week and live however we want the rest of the week. No, we seek to glorify Him with our entire lives. That’s real love!

Maybe you’ve found yourself at times acting like a different person depending on whether you’re in a “religious” or “secular” setting. But in reality, you should be the same person in both settings. So don’t let the day of the week dictate how devoted you are to following Christ. Honor Him every day with your entire being!

Taken from “The Danger of Living a Divided Life” from Power Point Ministries (used by permission).

Originally published February 28, 2012.