Glory for the Humble?

John Barnett

When God gets to tell the story of salvation, the Coming of the King, the birth of the Lamb of God - what details does He carefully include for us? Here's one that has shaped my whole outlook on life, on worship, on Bible study, and most of all - on prayer. God really loves and responds to humility.

Who came first to the birthplace of the King? The humblest, lowliest, and most unworthy in man's eyes of all the inhabitants living around Bethlehem - the shepherds.

First-century shepherds lived in a world that made it hard to make a living. They struggled and scraped along at minimum wages.

The Shepherds of the Christmas story give us such a profound lesson. They show us how God delights in using for His glory the humble. God calls some of the most distant, defiled, and outcast of all - and through them produces great glory for Himself.

Have you decided to be among those seeing Jesus this Christmas time? You can if you will come humbly like these shepherds? These shepherds represent the best of all God's Word about the rewards that come to those who seek and find the Lord. Will you experience the glad tidings of the Gospel? Will you experience great joy?

Taken from "Shepherds: Humble People" by Discover the Book Ministries (used by permission).

Originally published August 27, 2010.