God Planned All the Details of Christ's Birth?

Charles Stanley

What a comfort to know God is all-wise, choosing the absolute best in every single decision. This attribute is particularly evident in His careful execution of the details surrounding Jesus’ birth. Even during Creation, the Father was already preparing to send His Son into the world at exactly the right moment and under the perfect circumstances.

An Angelic Announcement — The declaration of the Messiah’s arrival came from the lips of an angel rather than a common man. Therefore, the shepherds who heard had no reason to disbelieve the truth or to keep it to themselves. They did not stand around, philosophizing about the news; they spread the word among friends and family, as God knew they would.

The Virgin Birth — In order to be perfectly sinless so that He could die for our wrongdoing, the Savior could not be the product of a human union. Instead, the Father used a miracle to wrap the Son in flesh but still preserve His divinity.

His Manger Bed — A palace is a fitting birthplace for a king, but a stable is the perfect spot for the arrival of the sacrificial Lamb of God. Jesus’ humble beginnings make Him more accessible to every man, rich or poor.

A Perfect Name — The name Jesus was frequently used in those days, which fit the Lord’s desire to be associated with the common man. Even more fitting is the name’s meaning: Jehovah’s deliverer. Jesus’ name stated the reason for His coming — His purpose was to deliver mankind from the penalty of sin.

Taken from "Christmas, the Wisdom of God" by In Touch Ministries (used by permission).

Originally published August 03, 2010.

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