Stress Point - She Seeks - Week of May 28

Stress Point
{an inspirational entry about taking it to the King}

I sat stunned with my cell phone in hand after a conference call with my boss. He dropped a bomb on the team and announced companywide layoffs. For two days after the call, I operated on autopilot and lived paralyzed with fear and stress. Money was the factor at the forefront of my mind.

How would I pay my bills? Would I be forced to give up my favorite things like my fancy smart phone? Stress swirled in my mind, throwing questions around I was incapable of handling well.

The way I deal with stress is indecisiveness and tons of tears.

How do you deal with stress?

Some of my friends handle their stress by eating a quart of Ben & Jerry's. Other friends go on shopping sprees to escape in the thrill of swiping their credit card. We all have our "go-tos" we use to cope with life's drama; some ways of dealing are more productive than others.

A girlfriend of mine reminded me of a Bible verse I've adopted as my mantra when I just can't steer through the twists and turns life throws at me.

"Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need." {Hebrews 4:16 ESV}

The image of our powerful King Jesus on His throne captivates me and gives me a sense of calm confidence when I bring Him my stress. Even more encouraging is that we can approach our King 24/7 with anything and everything. There is no sign on the door that say, God is out. Come back later.

With stress {money, relationships, career}, I've decided I don't need to allow it to rule my life. Instead, when major drama comes my way, I will ...

~Worship at the throne of the King and praise Him even when I just don't feel like it.

~Wait at the throne of the King and dig into the Bible for encouragement and answers to questions that surround my stress — watching my faith grow.

~Focus on Him alone and not allow the twists and turns of life to deter me from finding my peace in Christ.

This formula helps me order my life when stress threatens to throw me into turmoil. Though the Lord never promises an easy life, He does promise to never leave nor forsake us, even in the midst of life's greatest drama.{Hebrews 13:5} I hope you'll approach the King's throne of grace with your stress {money, relationship, career, fill in the blank}and find confidence that your He will bring you through it.

What is your biggest stress and how are you bringing it to the throne of King Jesus? 

Something else ...

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