Patience is a Virtue? - She Seeks - Week of June 23

Patience is a virtue?
{an inspirational entry on waiting}

I sat drumming my pink nails and smacking my gum waiting for the computer to reboot. "Why does it take so long?" I rolled my eyes and pestered my eleventh grade computer lab teacher.

"Well, Sarah, patience is a virtue."

I popped a fresh piece of Bubble Yum in my mouth and rolled my eyes roll again. What did that even mean? Not much to me at that point in my life. But many years later this phrase has stuck with me.

But it certainly hasn't changed me. Patience is a pain and I despise waiting. I'd rather not wait for the lady at the grocery store to write out a check instead of quickly swiping her card. I'd rather not wait my turn for the treadmill at the gym. And I'd certainly rather not wait on God for His perfect timing with my next career move.

Even so, I know there was a nugget of wisdom my teacher shared. So I thought I'd look up the definition of virtue:

vir•tue, noun;
1. Moral excellence and righteousness; goodness.

These are definitely qualities I want to have! And Lamentations 3:25 clues me in why patience is a quality to develop. "The LORD is good to those who wait for Him, to the soul who seeks Him."

~Because of God's excellence, righteousness and goodness, He holds off sometimes and makes me wait for my benefit. Though I don't always see the benefit right away, it is virtuous to patiently wait.

~Because He knows me inside and out, God often teaches me important truths during the long waits. Sometimes I learn those truths right away. Sometimes it seems like God loudly speaks to my heart,"Sarah! Chill Out. I have the perfect plan. Just wait."

~Because when I turn my focus away from waiting, a sweet connection forms between Jesus and me. I quiet my heart and let Him speak when I'm waiting.

As I write this I am, in fact, waiting for direction on my next career move. It pains my heart to just sit and wait for God, even though I know it's good for me. I don't feel virtuous {morally excellent, righteous or good}. But, I'm trusting that God will lead me in His timing, not mine. And along the way, He'll help me become virtuous and patient!

What do you think about patience as a virtue? Is it as hard for you to wait on God as it is for me? Leave a comment and let's chat about it.

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