She Seeks - Week of June 16

dress to bless
{protecting the hearts and minds of guys}

The results for the yearbook's annual personality votes were in. I hoped I'd be recognized for something like "best dressed ... top athlete ... most likely to succeed ..."

My hopes were dashed when I saw the words next to my name: BIGGEST FLIRT. {I was mortified.}

But I will say it made me take a hard look at my behavior. What signals was I sending {in my speech, actions, and the way I dressed}? As a naturally friendly and affectionate person, I really wasn't aware I was giving off a flirtatious vibe. It probably didn't help I dressed less than modest.

Sometimes we just aren't aware of the impact {positive or negative} our actions have on others, especially guys. Whether at school, work, church, the gym ... wherever we are, we have a responsibility towards our brothers: not to stumble them in their faith by the way we act, speak or dress.

So does this mean we dress like nuns and forbid ourselves from all male interaction?

Clearly not. But the Bible strongly encourages us to be mindful of how we conduct our bodies:

"I plead with you to give your bodies to God because of all he has done for you. Let them be a living and holy sacrifice—the kind he will find acceptable. This is truly the way to worship him..." (Romans 12:1 NLT)

When we view our bodies as living and holy sacrifices to God, we'll inevitably change the way we think, dress, act and interact with others—especially guys. For me, this meant wearing higher necklines, looser fitting pants and longer skirts and dresses.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying we throw our fashion sense out the window. Heavens no girlfriend! But we gotta be mindful to not throw temptation in front of guys. Here are a few ways this might play out in our interactions with our brothers in Christ:

• Dress to bless rather than impress
• Encourage guys in their gifts rather than tease them with your words
• Pray for them instead of flirt with them

Let's remember to keep their growth in God in mind as we develop friendships, fellowship and relationships with the godly men the Lord puts in our path. Ask God to help us see them as He does, and determine to bless them with our dress, speech and actions.

Something else...
What's your idea of 'modest'? Tell us your thoughts and be entered to win Shari Braendel's book, Good Girls Don't Have to Dress Bad.

Fashion model and 2009 Mrs. North Carolina US and former Miss NC Teen USA, Rachel Lee carter lends great advice.

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