The Effects of You - Daughters of Promise - July 19, 2018

Christine Wyrtzen brings everyday theology to your heart.

Christine Wyrtzen

Make your face shine upon your servant, and teach me your statuesPsalm 119:135

When lovers who haven't seen each other in a a long time walk into the same room, there is a pregnant moment when their faces light up.  Eyes widen, wordless exclamations pour out, and then arms are opened wide to embrace without any thought of restraint.  Sheer happiness causes their faces to shine.

One of the meanings of 'shine' in this text is what happens when the sun arises at daybreak.  The dark begins to abate with the glorious entrance of light on the horizon.  It is not just any light; it is a bit orange and golden.  Nothing resembles a sunrise because it has characteristics all its own.  Perhaps David is trying to convey that God is so warmed by His children that His countenance is transformed when He sees us.  It is like the dawning of a sunrise upon the heart.  What a beautiful picture.

To feel the warmth of His smile is to have the best of all gifts today. I can stand in any storm if I know His face is turned toward me.  I can find endless reserves of strength if I know that His face is traced with tenderness.  David did not ask for more power, more wealth, or even more peace.  He asked for God's smile.  In the radiance of God's favor, David wants to be taught.  The love of instruction is never greater than when one worships the Teacher.  David  is the star pupil in a class of one.  God is not a distant professor but a warm, engaging, and storytelling Father.

Bring to me the sunrise of your smile, Father.  Then let my face be radiant with all the effects of You.  Amen

About Daughters of Promise

Christine Wyrtzen is a recording artist; author, speaker, and host of a nationally syndicated radio program.  She has been known for 39 years as a musician and writer with 19 albums and 5 books to her credit. She has been nominated for a Dove Award and long admired for her ability to communicate with a poetic bent.

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