Daily Courage - May 2

from Day by Day with the Persecuted Church

I have hidden your words in my heart that I might not sin against you. (Psalm 119:11)

Yang Zhang

To lay up God's words in our hearts takes time. It means that we have to read God's Word so many times that it becomes a part of us.  Some people have the Bible, but they never read it. They have laid up God's Word on a bookshelf.

But we must lay it up in our hearts. Nobody can take that away from us. Wherever we are, we have it with us. In freedom - and in prison.

That is why we in China, read God's Word as many times as we can. We feel already privileged to have a copy of the Bible. But we also know that the Bible can be taken away from us any time - or that we may be sent to places where we cannot take a Bible along. That's why we memorize as much as we can.

One of the best known Christians was Rev John Sung. He once said, "When I was young I was locked up in a mental hospital for 190 days. I was so glad that I could keep my Bible and I read it many times through during those six months."  When he came out of the mental hospital his doctors expected that his spirit had been broken. But he came out a stronger Christian than ever before. None of the doctors understood - but we did!

Do you?

Writer of the Month: Yang Zhang from China. A fiery evangelist from China writing under a pseudonym for his protection.

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