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Easter Meditations

Trevin Wax
Trevin Wax
2013 31 Mar


1. Take Time to Stop

Behold! That’s an old biblical word that says, “Stop and look.” So take time this week to stop and gaze at the crucified One.

2. Behold the Man!

On a Friday morning, two thousand years ago, Jesus stood before the people, and Pilate declared, “Behold the man!” It was the sixth day of the week, the day God created man. And now the second Adam was undoing the first Adam’s sin.

3. Behold Your King!

In this moment, Caesar looks strong and Jesus looks weak. But through this weakness, Jesus will conquer the world.

4. Behold the Son!

This is the One who turns water into wine, who offers water that quenches thirst forever, water that never runs dry. Yet now, He thirsts. His lips are parched. His throat is raw. He is thirsty, so you don’t have to be.


The Beauty of the Cross

1. The Beauty of a Blood-stained Cross

There is one death so beautiful, so glorious, that despite its horror and brutality, we are transfixed by its splendor.

2. God with Us

As we witness the evil and pain in this world, we too cry out Abba! Abba! God does not give us an explanation. He gives us himself. Jesus is God’s answer to our cry.

3. God instead of Us (1)

We will never grasp the heights of God’s forgiveness until we comprehend the depths of our own sinfulness. We not only need someone to suffer with us. We need one who will suffer for us – in our place.

4. God instead of Us (2)

The essence of Adam’s sin was that he put himself in God’s place. The essence of Christ’s righteousness is that he put himself in our place.

5. God for Us

We need more than a shoulder to cry on. We need more than hands and feet that will take the nails that we deserve. We need the strong arms of a Savior who comes back from the dead.


The Resurrection

1. Let My People Go!

As Jesus was dying upon the cross two thousand years ago, the voice of God the Father resounded throughout the universe, sending the clear and unstoppable message to Satan and all the forces of hell – LET MY PEOPLE GO!

2. Easter Means Our Coffins Will Not Stay Closed

What was true of our Messiah in the dim light of Resurrection morning will be true of us in the noonday sunshine of the Last Day.