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Dear Dad & Mom, Thanks for Shooting Mario

Trevin Wax
Trevin Wax

Dear Dad and Mom,

I'd like to use this space to publicly thank you for being parents that were willing to take the hard road instead of the easy road.

Thank you limiting our access to computer games and Nintendo when we were growing up.

I realize it would have been much easier for you to let the Nintendo babysit us four kids. But you put our well-being ahead of your own comfort and taught us to read, write, make music, create radio shows, play in the backyard, and make movies. We're the better for it today.

Thanks for not giving in to our whiny pleas for the newest video games that our neighbors had. Thanks for insisting that we would be better, happier, more well-rounded children if we learned to entertain ourselves instead of sit like zombies in front of Mario and Luigi.

Thanks for modeling a path toward joy that went beyond the temporary excitement of a flashy game. We saw that the deepest joys in life came from the deepest wells of truth. You fueled our love for God and our love for the Lord in the way you structured our free time. 

Thanks also for not being legalistic about Nintendo. We appreciate the rainy days in which you brought down the Nintendo from the closet top shelf and let us play our hearts out. But thanks even more for putting the Nintendo back up when the sun returned.

Thanks for allowing us to play educational computer games. But thanks also for the thirty-minute timer you set for us each time we played.

Thanks most of all for being involved, for caring about what we were putting into our minds. Thanks for giving us a childhood that some of our friends missed out on - the backyard romps in the clubhouse, the creek Kingdom, all the cassette tapes we made as we created our own sitcoms.

Thanks for the parameters and guidelines you set up for us. We didn't understand or like them then, but they look like good parameters we want to set for our own kids now.



Originally published February 07, 2011.