Simple Knowledge: Proverbs 2

Stephen Sanders
Stephen Sanders
2013 2 Jan

Proverbs 2:1

This wisdom Solomon keeps speaking about isn’t simple knowledge that we learn by living life, learning from our mistakes, etc. It doesn’t just come by natural means. Godly knowledge comes by seeking God fervently by reading the Bible, talking to Him in prayer and seeking His will for our lives specifically. It has to be top priority. Once we get that right, He freely gives it to us and we can rest and know that this knowledge is 100% guaranteed.

Like Chapter 1, we receive a warning about the company we keep. We (I know I am) are so easily led astray, so we have to learn to be self-sufficient and confident in our relationship with God. Earthly relationships sometimes provide other options outside of God’s plan and we have to know where we stand personally; we have to set standards for ourselves. The types of people we are being warned about here are those who do not seek God in the decisions they make. They are careless and live life by focusing on themselves and their happiness.

We are also warned of the dangers of sexual lust in this chapter; a warning we’ll receive several times in the Book of Proverbs. So this is a stern warning each time it is mentioned. Basically, any time you see Solomon talking about a “seductress,” you know he’s about to start talking about sexual temptation.

This chapter ends with an encouragement to hang around people who make good decisions. It is people like these who stay on right paths and receive what God has for them. That’s who we want to be, right?

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