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Righteousness vs. Wickedness: Proverbs 10

Stephen Sanders
Stephen Sanders
2013 10 Jan

Proverbs 10:1

I’m gonna be honest here. This chapter makes my eyes cross (that probably happens to me when I read the Bible more than it does for most people). One of the things I like to do to eliminate some of that confusion is to break passages up into bite-sized chunks. For example, here are some things we learn about in this chapter.

There is a difference between the righteous and the wicked.
The righteous:

·       are delivered from death

·       have their needs met

·       have blessings on their head

·       their legacy blesses others

·       speak beneficial words

·       have wages that lead to life

·       have tongues of choice silver

·       say things that help people

·       are granted their desires

·       are established forever

·       respect the Lord

·       have joyful hopes

·       live forever

·       speak works of wisdom

·       say things that are acceptable

The wicked:

·       gain treasures that do not profit

·       crave but don’t receive what they crave

·       have mouths that conceal violence

·       leave a legacy that rots

·       live in sin

·       have small hearts

·       die for lack of sense

·       will receive the things they dread

·       are easily swept away

·       live short years

·       don’t get to see the things they hope will happen

·       don’t receive the life God has for them

·       have nothing but meaningless, perverse things to say

Obviously, there is more to this chapter. We discover that being a sluggard is bad. That we need to not procrastinate and take care of business as it comes. We learn that hate stirs up strife, but love repairs relationships… which are also a good things to focus on daily. 

Join me tomorrow for Chapter 11.