Polluted Streams: Proverbs 5

Stephen Sanders
Stephen Sanders
2013 5 Jan

Proverbs 5:1

This is where things begin evolving and we get into some more detail as to what this wisdom & knowledge truly is. In the 1st few chapters, we were warned to be careful of the company we keep. But here, Solomon warns us of those who will try to deceive us specifically with sexual temptation.

Their talk is smooth… and what seems at first to be a good time will leave us feeling disappointed in the end. The one who tempts us doesn’t even know his/herself what they are doing. They just think this is what life is all about; sexual pleasure makes things better (for a while). And when they come down from one sexual high, it’s on to the next one.

The warning is simple: stay away from these people. This lifestyle leads to hell in the end. But it’s not just the afterlife that is affected. Our lives here on earth will slowly turn miserable every time we fall for this trap. All the great things that God had planned for us go to others who listen to His wisdom.

But, there is a solution. It’s not like we’re just being told what not to do here. Instead of living a life of sexual promiscuity, we are told to “drink water from our own cistern.” The Message version says it like this:

“Your spring water is for you and you only, not to be passed around among strangers. Bless your fresh-flowing fountain! Enjoy the wife you married as a young man!”

In other words, stay true to the spouse of our youth. We should always pursue them and never take them for granted…always being satisfied with who they are, yes, sexually… (blush)

SO! Interesting little side note here. Solomon, at some point after writing the Book of Proverbs, began ignoring his own advice and eventually accumulated about 700 wives and 300 concubines (a concubine was someone who was someone who, in this case, the king couldn’t marry because of social status but they could still make babies with them and stuff).

I’m guessing this fact doesn’t let us off the hook though. After all, just because God used Solomon to write the Book of Proverbs doesn’t mean that the wisdom and knowledge we receive becomes less of a truth. Don’t believe me? Think about all of those sweet old couples you know that have been married for 40 and 50 years. Ask them if they are blessed and you won’t be disappointed with the answer. I can guarantee you that.

Tomorrow we’ll get into tons of detail as we discover six things that God really hates and a 7th thing that he really, really hates. See you then, buds…

Join me tomorrow for Chapter 6.

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