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Our Whole Heart: Proverbs 13

Stephen Sanders
Stephen Sanders
2013 13 Jan

Today’s Reading is Proverbs Chapter 13

The further we dig into these chapters, the more I realize how important it is that God has our whole heart. I mean, we have to be committed to Him for it to be possible for us to follow these instructions. Some of things are not easy to do, but once we establish that commitment, knowing we can rely on God to meet our needs, there is definitely a grace to do these things; not out of duty, but because we want to. 

I am ashamed to say that a good amount of my Christian walk has been very shallow. To be honest, Jesus did not have my heart during those years where I was being taught that I had to perform a certain way to be a Christian. After all, that’s what prosperity teaching says…it’s up to YOU to earn EVERYTHING God has for you. But in doing that, prosperity teaching denies what Jesus did on the cross.  I mean, if Jesus’ sacrifice wasn’t enough, then what is? 

Rejecting the prosperity doctrine was the most important decision I’ve ever made. Granted, it’s been the most difficult & this journey still continues, but now I feel secure in my faith in God when I couldn’t before; because Jesus IS enough.

See, none of us can follow all these Proverbs all the time. We can read a Proverb a Day everyday for the rest of our life and still have times where we mess up. But if He has our heart and if we know that we love Him and He knows we love him, NO SIN can take that away; because sin has already been conquered by Jesus on the cross

The Christian faith is ALL about our heart. That’s all God has ever wanted. Seek Him daily, obtain wisdom and know what it means to be righteous in His sight.