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How to Stop Doing Foolish Things: Proverbs 26

Stephen Sanders
Stephen Sanders
2013 26 Jan



Proverbs 26:1

Sometimes I struggle with deciding what topic I should focus on when writing these. But this chapter made it really easy for me this morning. Today, I’ll be talking about foolishness.

Now, I know we’re all prone to foolishness time and again. A few days ago, for instance, I deleted a bunch of video files from my computer and had to re-export all 10 of them all over again… which took about an hour. I specifically remember that little voice in my head telling me, “OK. You should probably check and make sure you’ve backed these videos up before you delete them from Google.” It was just for a split second. But I was so motivated and excited about the level of productivity I seemed to have been achieving at the time that I guess it just didn’t register.

Is it just me or is that typically how foolishness happens? That little voice in our head warns us and, for whatever reason, we ignore it just long enough to not do what it tells us to do.

Another interesting thing about foolishness is that it’s easy to spot when others are doing foolish things. You know, like the person who drives too slow in the passing lane… the quarterback who just always seems to do the wrong thing at the wrong time… your kids when they seem to have no concept of just how permanent Sharpies are when they’re writing on all of your nice stuff with them.

But I really had to think about the foolish things I’ve done recently to spot them. And it was then I realized that I’d discovered the secret of: How to Stop Foolish Things. Are you ready?

I really think that if we took more time to stop and consider how many foolish things we’ve done recently that it would help us appreciate God more and maybe, just maybe, we would do those things less and less as time progresses. OK, maybe that’s not The Official Secret of How to Stop Foolishness, but it sure is worth a try.

So, that’s what I’m challenging you to do today. Just take about 15 minutes and consider the moments over the past week where you should have stopped and listened to that small voice. I’m thinking I should practice this on a regular basis and become re-acquainted with that voice again.

Because I know how easy it is to ignore God when I’m excited about my achievements. But all those achievements of mine really aren’t “me” to begin with if I really think about it.  And I really do believe that God whispers to us constantly and gives us opportunities to make right choices. But He also gives us grace to screw things up, survey our flaws, and make those things right again.

That is what is so great about Jesus. He desires relationship with us, His creation, and lovingly guides us (sometimes I think He even drags us) into places where we find the wisdom and confidence we need to become better people… who are not as foolish as they once were.