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“That’s What I Love About Sunday” by Craig Morgan

Russell Moore
Russell Moore
2011 16 May

One of my favorite students in years past was a bright young man the Lord had called to pastor and plant churches. It was an additional delight to learn that he had come to ministry, the long way around, leaving behind a rising star career as a country music songwriter.

On this week’s episode of “The Cross and the Jukebox,” I talk to Adam Dorsey, the writer of the hit song “That’s What I Love About Sunday,” recorded by Craig Morgan. Adam is now a pastor in California, and he has a unique perspective on life both sides of Music Row. I ask Adam what it’s like to turn on the radio, anywhere in the world, and hear his own words. I also ask him whether he, a pastor in California, ever feels like he’s wasted his life by ending what could have resulted in a wall full of Grammy and CMA awards.

Then Adam and I listen together to his song, and talk about what it means. Would he have written it differently now, after several years of thinking about Scripture and theology? Does he agree with critics who suggest that his lyrics represent the feminizing of the church and the dregs of Bible Belt spiritual nominalism? Finally, I’ll talk about what I think the song can show us about our neighbors and about Sundays.

And a reference or two to Jon Bon Jovi shows up in there as well.

I loved doing this show, and hope you enjoy it as you listen along with us. 

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