UnChristian Equalities

Regis Nicoll
Regis Nicoll
2018 2 Nov

Over the last few decades, “equality” arguments have successfully secured everything from the legalization of abortion, homosexual sodomy, and same-sex “marriage” to the dismantling of the biological basis of gender.

Equality (of opportunity) is the cornerstone of the American justice system. The great social movements of our nation—abolition, emancipation, women’s suffrage, and civil rights—all owe to the moral force of the principle that “all men are created equal” in recognition that each is a creation of intrinsic worth.

But the equality of our nation’s founding has devolved into the equality of outcomes that a person feels necessary in his pursuit of happiness. The result has been the divorce of “civil rights” from social responsibility, physiological reality, moral truth, and natural law.

Consider what is happening in the educational system.

Everyone Is Special

In the interest of making sure no one feels uncomfortable about himself, an increasing number of schools have eliminated class standings, “exceptional” curricula, honorary distinctions, and all-male sports (like football) while allowing biological males to compete in (and win!) women’s events.

Notwithstanding the intent of the administrators, such practices do anything but make people feel comfortable because they quash a fundamental longing of the human spirit—confirmation that our hard work and efforts are meaningful and our achievements valued.

In The Incredibles (2004), Dash is a young boy with superhuman speed. When he asks permission to use his special ability in school sports, his mother demurs,

“The world just wants us to fit in, and to fit in, we’ve just got to be like everyone else.”

 “But Dad says our powers are nothing to be ashamed of. Our powers make us special.”

Parroting the groupthink of the day, his mother sighs,

“Everyone is special, Dash.”

Dash turns and shrugs,

“Which is another way of saying, ‘No one is.’”

The scene evokes some important truths about human nature. First, physically and intellectually, we each have abilities and skills that vary in type and measure from person to person. So, contrary to the founding document of our country, in whatever aspect “men are created equal,” it is beyond what is evident.

Second, “fitting in,” by leveling our talents and abilities to achieve equal outcomes, is “artificial equality.” Lastly, human flourishing is accomplished not by artificial “equals” but by responsible citizens, using whatever gifts and abilities they have for the betterment of society. Continue reading here.