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The Riddle of Reality -- Conclusion

Regis Nicoll
Regis Nicoll
2011 2 Dec

In Part 1 and Part 2, we found that when we plunge down the rabbit hole of reality and enter the realm of photons, electrons, and quantum wave functions, what we discover is weirder than we ever could have imagined.

Among the things that strike us peculiar are things in identity crisis -- things that act sometimes as particles and sometimes as waves. And try as hard as we may to discern what they really are, their schizophrenia thwarts our every effort.

What’s more, if we fine-tune our looking glass, we find not a solid assortment of detached and distinct particles, but a murky lattice of objects that defy precise description. To be sure, quantal objects and their behaviors upturn everything we thought we knew about the world and how it works.

In the world we know, the laws of Newton reign, allowing us, for instance, to determine the complete trajectory of a baseball once we know its initial conditions and all the forces acting on it. But that’s in the world we know. Continue reading here.

Continue reading here.