The God of Science

Regis Nicoll
Regis Nicoll

Dear Swillpit,

Never forget that soul-winning is a matter of one, and only one, thing: seducing the creatures into rejecting their creatureliness. It starts with an itch they have to scratch.

Maybe it's a sexual dalliance they must experience, a commodity they can't afford, a habit they can't (and don't want to) shake. It matters not. Just dangle some forbidden pleasure before them until it is inflamed into something indispensable to their happiness.

Ah, happiness! A thing He intended as a byproduct of life has become its chief aim. The splendid outcome is that "happiness" has now achieved the status of "rights." Who could have guessed that "the Declaration," with its cursed references to the "Creator," would have helped us pave the road to hedonism? All we had to do was sever virtue from their notions about liberty.

Although it took nearly two centuries of dedicated devilry, the freedom to pursue happiness is now the freedom to follow their animal instincts without correction, criticism, or comment. Even in the Carpenter's camp, you will be hard pressed to find a witling who has not fallen for those winsome lyrics, "If it feels so right, it can't be wrong." It's a sure sign that the shelf-life of objective moral truth has expired. It's enough to make your heartless chest swell, eh?

Once they deem happiness their unbridgeable right, they will view any restriction as unreasonable and unjust. And that goes for those who put up restrictions, like Him. Remember how our Master duped the first couple? He planted the seed of distrust, explaining, ever so helpfully, that their Maker was selfish and jealous, keeping from them what was good for them.

I'm glad to say that line has been working like a charm ever since. As soon as they suspect that He is untrustworthy, they will be disposed to ignore Him, or reject Him altogether, and look to another; one that will not impede their happy journey.

Their perennial favorite is the Man in the Mirror, doing what seems right in his own eyes. Another is the utopian State that promises progress and prosperity for subjects who have no Gods before It. But over the last few decades, there has been a meteoric rise in Science as the source of their transcendent hopes. The way the Adversary designed things, this was inevitable... Continue reading here. 

Originally published January 28, 2011.

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