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Psalm 73: Immanent Sovereignty

Paul Tripp
Paul Tripp
2013 27 Apr

"But it is good to be near God." (v.28a)

You are not a distant Lord,
a detached Master
moving the pawns
on the board
in an impersonal act
of winning.
Your Lordship
does not separate
me from you
as a serf
would be separated
from a king.
No, you accomplished
your sovereign plan
by invading my 
dark and messy world
in the person
of your Son,
giving yourself
in radical grace
to people 
who saw no value
in your nearness.
You are Master,
but you are
You are Lord,
but you are 
You are King,
but you are 
You are Sovereign
but you are
Your rule is not from
No, your rule brings you
I have hope today
because you are not 
And I celebrate
the amazing
rest and strength
to be found in the reality that
your sovereignty 
has brought you