The Spirit, the teacher (John 14 v 25-31)

Explore God's Word Daily
Explore God's Word Daily

It’s very important when reading a Bible passage to remember who it was first spoken to. It wasn’t us! It was written for us (for our benefit) but not to us.

We’re halfway through Jesus’ last conversation with His closest friends, the twelve apostles minus Judas (who left in 13 v 30).

The Spirit, the teacher
Read John 14:25

What two things does Jesus say the Spirit will do?
• Which word in v 26 shows us that this isn't a promise to us as Jesus' disciples today?

It’s no use the Spirit trying to remind me what Jesus said; I wasn’t there in the first place! So this promise means that the people who wrote the New Testament (who were either apostles or wrote down what the apostles taught) got it absolutely
right. Thank God for that!

Is there a secondary sense in which the Spirit teaches us today, helping us understand and apply the Bible to our lives?
Read 1 John 2:20.
The “anointing” is the Spirit of God in every believer. Notice that John is confident that the Spirit shows real believers that the truth (the truth the apostles taught) really is the truth.

The peace of Jesus
Read John 14:27

• In what ways does the “peace” the world offers prove elusive and temporary, do you think?
• From what Jesus has said in chapter 14 so far, what is different about Jesus' peace?
• What’s the effect in us of knowing Jesus’ peace (v 27)?

Does this mean believers will have carefree lives? Of course not! It is an inward peace with God that enables us to keep going in the midst of troubles.

Read John 14:28

• Why should they be glad Jesus is going?

The trouble is, they care more about their sadness than Jesus’ joy!

• Why is it such good news that the devil “has no hold” on Jesus?

His “hold” on us is only because we surrender to his evil power by sinning. Jesus never did. That’s why Jesus could go to His death confident He was doing exactly what the Father wanted.

Thank Jesus for His gift and promise of peace, and pray that you will remember and claim it freshly today in whatever situations and circumstances you find yourself in.

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Originally published January 14, 2012.

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