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The sovereign God: a meditation (Daniel 4 v 34-35)

Explore God's Word Daily
Explore God's Word Daily
2012 16 Feb

We finish our time in Daniel 4 with a meditation on Nebuchadnezzar’s hymn of praise. There’s less to read, and more time
for you to reflect. You might like to scribble down some notes (if you're anywhere near a pen and paper!) as you go.

Read Daniel 4:34

• Put each phrase into your own words.
• Read through these verses again, thinking about what each phrase means in practice.
• Read through these verses once more, and ask of each phrase: “Do I believe this about God?”
• Read through these verses (just one more time!) and for each phrase pray a prayer of praise and thanksgiving to God for who He is.

This devotional is taken from Explore—a daily Bible-reading devotional from the good book company which enables you to engage with Scripture and which will encourage, equip and inspire you to live for Christ. Explore features contributions from pastors such as Dr Timothy Keller, Mike McKinley and Tim Chester.

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