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The Father up in lights (John 17 v 1-5)

Explore God's Word Daily
Explore God's Word Daily
2011 1 Nov

The Father up in lights John 17 v 1-5

Sometimes a theatre puts the name of a famous actor or actress up in lights outside, so everyone will know about them. Or a beautiful building may be lit at night so everyone can see how wonderful it is. “Glory” means something like that. In today’s section, Jesus begins a prayer which will take up the rest of the chapter.

Why does Jesus pray?
Why would Jesus pray this prayer out loud so the disciples can hear it? He doesn’t need to. The Father would hear a private prayer just as well!

Read John 17:13

• What reason does Jesus give?
• How does Jesus want us to react to what we overhear in this prayer?

Remember that as we go through it.

The glory of the cross
Read John 17:1

• What is Jesus praying for?

TIME OUT… Read John 12:23.
• What “time” has arrived (notice v 33)?
Notice the link between being “glorified” and being “lifted up” on the cross.

How amazing that on the cross we see Jesus in lights, and therefore the Father in lights. There we see God more clearly than anywhere else.

The gift of eternal life
Read John 17:2

• What does “eternal life” mean?

It’s a relational thing—living in relationship with the Father and the Son.

• Who gives eternal life?
• Who does He give it to?

Notice the supremacy of the Father and the wonderful submission of Jesus.

Thank the Father that He gave you to Jesus, and thank Jesus that by his death He gave you an eternal relationship with Himself and the Father.

The finished work of Christ
Read John 17:4

Jesus “completes” the work He came to do at the cross. Look at John 19:30, where the same word is translated
“finished”. In His prayer Jesus anticipates that terrible and wonderful “completion” of the work of giving eternal life.

• How do you think the cross brings the Father glory?

Jesus’ rescue mission was given Him by the Father. When He completes it, we see not only Jesus, but also the Father’s love. The cross was the Father’s idea first!


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