Past, present, future (Psalm 144)

Explore God's Word Daily
Explore God's Word Daily

It's a psalm by King David. He's recalling God's help in subduing the enemies he faced—and looking to God for future help with great confidence. You'll get the idea as you read Psalm 144.

Past: thanks
Read Psalms 144:1

• What thoughts have set David singing (v 1-2)?

“Rock” combines (in the Bible) the ideas of strength, changelessness, refuge and provision. What a description of God... Note He is both David’s “loving God” and “fortress, stronghold” etc.

• Why is it great that both are true?

Get the shocking contrast between God and humans (v 3-4). How amazing is it therefore that God acts the way He does!

Present: tense
Read Psalms 144:5

• What's David's prayer in his new time of trouble (v 5-8)?
• What shows his confidence in God (v 9-11)?

Future: hope
Read Psalms 144:10

• What did David look forward to (v 12-14):
     • for his family?
     • for the nation of God's people?
• What does he remain sure of (v 15b)?

And now...

This psalm has shown us...

... a king, given victory by God, who benefits his people. Of course, we're pointed to the Lord Jesus Christ. Those who trust in Jesus share in the benefits of His victory and look ahead to a glorious, eternal future.

Plenty to praise God for in this sweet poem. Go on, spend some time praising Him for everything you find in it...

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Originally published December 17, 2011.