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Not drowning… but waving (Psalm 143)

Explore God's Word Daily
Explore God's Word Daily
2011 4 Dec

Just like Psalms 141-142, here's another psalm revealing King David's reaction to severe pressure. His situation in this one seems to be one step further: it’s on the brink of engulfing him...

Read Psalms 143:1

Watch the signs of change in David as he prays through his situation...

Under strain
Read Psalms 143:1

• What is David pleading for?
• What does he appeal to (v 1b, 2b)?

Read Psalms 143:3

• What's happening to him (v 3a)?
• How does he feel (v 3b-4)?

Read Psalms 143:5

• What does David do (v 5)?
• Does this help (v 6)?

God's care seems to belong entirely in the past (v 5)—David seems to have no experience of His favour at the present time (v 6).

Read Psalms 143:7

• Which phrases here show how urgent David’s prayers are?
• What does he appeal to (v 8b)?

Read Psalms 143:9

• What's he asking God here?
• What does it mean to “hide myself” in God?

Read Psalms 143:11

• What are David’s requests?
• What does he grip on to about God's character?
• How might this sustain him?

We're not told the outcome... just left with the reminder of God's unfailing love to His people (v 12).

Dark times do come: of trouble, doubt, opposition, struggle... When they do, remember this: you're not the first. You're not
alone. You're not without help. A crisis is also the opportunity to take hold of the faithful God.
• Will you do so?


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