Here is the Man! (John 19 v 1-7)

Explore God's Word Daily
Explore God's Word Daily

Here is the Man! John 19 v 1-7

One of the surprising things about Jesus’ sufferings was that the ringleaders were the most religious men of his day. But it is the same today; there are no enemies more deeply hostile to real Christianity than church people who don’t know the real Christ.

Mocked and flogged
Read John 19:1

Roman flogging was brutal, inflicted by a whip with thongs loaded with pieces of bone or metal. It ripped open flesh and sometimes killed its victims.

The mock “crown” had long spikes from the date palm, up to 30cm long, adding to the bleeding and pain of Jesus. The purple robe and the crown mock Him as a pathetic wannabe king. It is a picture of painful and utterly undeserved disgrace.

An old hymn puts it well: “In my place condemned He stood, sealed my pardon with His blood. Hallelujah! What a Saviour!”
Spend time thanking your Saviour now.

Here is the man
Read John 19:4
Pilate has Jesus mocked and scourged to try to appease the Jewish leaders. But all the time he knows Jesus is innocent. He says so twice more.

“Here is (or “behold”) the man!” (v 5) is ambiguous. Pilate no doubt meant by it: “Look at this pathetic human being. This
isn’t a king!” But surely John expects us to remember that the “man” we are invited to look at is not just a man; He is the
eternal Son of God.

Jesus had to be fully human to bear our sin; but He also had to be more than just human. He had to be divine as well, so
that He could live a completely innocent human life.

The Son of God
Read John 19:7

Pilate has found Jesus innocent of any political crime.

• What religious crime do the Jewish leaders accuse Jesus of committing?
• What possibility about Jesus are they resolutely refusing to consider?

These men's religion and self-made laws (v 7) have brought them status, influence and respect. This allows them to feel self-righteous. And since Jesus would overturn all of this, they would rather kill God's Son than give it up.

• Are there any areas of your life where you find it easy to love “religion” instead of Jesus?
• How is it possible for us to act in our lives as Pilate does here?

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Originally published November 12, 2011.

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