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Hanging in there (2 Timothy 1 v 13-18)

Explore God's Word Daily
Explore God's Word Daily

2 Timothy is a call to tenacious endurance. Having urged Timothy not to be ashamed of the gospel, Paul now begins to tell him what that will look like in practice. And it won’t make life easy…

Stick to the whole truth
Read 2 Timothy 1:13

• What is Timothy to be faithful to?
• How does Paul describe the gospel truth in verse 14?

The apostles were chosen by Jesus to set down the truth about Him once for all time. It is this pattern which Paul entrusted to Timothy, and which he needs to stick with. Like a family heirloom (v 14), it is to be treasured and passed on.

In every generation, the truth comes under attack, and the church has to be careful that the gospel remains unchanged. This does not mean the church won’t be willing to change and adapt the way it does things, but it should never be willing to change what it proclaims. Occasionally I receive emails warning about church break-ins. Real church robbery, however, is not when the silver is stolen but when someone steals the message.

• In what ways do people change the gospel message today (hint: think about the parts of the gospel that are
least popular with society)?

Stick to the whole church
Read 2 Timothy 1:15

• How had professing Christians treated Paul?
• In what ways is Onesiphorus a good example to us?
• What clues are there here as to why so many old friends had turned their backs on Paul?

Paul was in prison in Rome because he was faithful to Christ. Roman prisons were filthy, dangerous, dark places, and prisoners relied on help from family and friends for food, blankets and clothing. But it was dangerous to visit and help a prisoner.

• How much interest do you take in the struggles and needs of the persecuted church around the world?
• Could you start, or increase, your practical help for them? For instance: writing to them; giving to them or to organisations that support them; lobbying governments in your country and theirs.
For more information on the persecuted church worldwide, go to: www.barnabasfund.org or www.opendoorsuk.org.
• What action do you take to respond to the needs of Christians in your own church who are mocked or bullied for their faith?

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Originally published March 03, 2012.

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