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At a word (Psalm 147)

Explore God's Word Daily
Explore God's Word Daily
2011 31 Dec

“Isn’t He great?” Praising God is more than simply singing hymns loudly and with passion. One way we can think of it is that we are advertising God’s character and benefits to other people. In this psalm, we hear the people of God talking to one another about their great King, Creator and Provider.

Read Psalms 147:1

Good... pleasant… fitting

Sometimes we need to stir ourselves to praise God—by reminding ourselves of what He has done for us. But notice that singing praises should be something that we delight in, and enjoy! Our praises should bring us pleasure... remember that
as you stand to sing "hymn no. 353"!

The God who cares

As we sing to each other, we should also remind ourselves who we really are, and the reason for which we have been brought together:

Gathered exiles—deservedly banished from the garden, and undeservingly, but miraculously, brought back into it.
Wounded and broken—but by His mercy and grace, our hearts have been restored, and our wounds bound up. As you sit in church next time, look around, and as you see those whom God has been specially gracious to, pause to give thanks for them—and praise to their God and yours.
Being built up—God is doing a work in the world—building His people.

• Which of these verses means most to you? Why?

The God who provides

• What does God love to do (v 8-9)?

There is the special grace that God works for His people through the gospel. But God’s mercy extends to all mankind in the reliability of the seasons, His provision of food for the world, and the wealth of riches He has given us in human love,
in art and nature. We may be impressed by the strength of men and animals (v 10)...

• …but what does God truly value (v 11)?

The God who speaks

The elements are God’s to command by His word for blessing to all mankind—but also for the judgment of His enemies and the reproof of His people (v 15-18).

• What has God done for His people—the old and new Israel, His church?

Think about the reality of verses 13, 14, 19 and 20 for you, and then obey the command of v 12!

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